Your new doula.

My approach to birthwork is informed by an ecological perspective—reproductive and maternal health is community health. Is education. Is housing equity. Is public safety. Is emotional health. Is environmental health. Is social justice.  I provide evidence-based, culturally relevant support for the whole human. I am especially passionate about supporting birthing womxn and persons of color who are looking for a birth experience reflective of their experience in the world as a person of color.

I serve all families.

After working in public health and education policy for 5 years in Washington, D.C. and New York City, I relocated to the east African country of Mozambique where I spent more than 2 years learning from and working alongside rural maternity nurses and traditional village midwives, or parteiras. I returned home to Atlanta in 2018, with a renewed desire to serve my own community.

It feels good to be home.

I trained as a birth doula with DONA in 2015. I earned a BA in African-American Studies and Chemistry from Howard University and a Master’s degree in Public Health (with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health) from George Washington University.